Lightning dancer legacy

WE love our lightning dancer alumni! These are a few Ld alumni who have done amazing things after their time as a lightning dancer. They will share what their time was like as an ld and what they are up to now!

Karsen Burns

class of 2019

2018-2019 varsity captain 

"my time as a lightning dancer shaped me into the person and dancer I am today. The organization gave me lifelong friendships and a great high school experience. after my time on drill team, I became apart of the nationally awarded McLennan dance company at McLennan community college. In addition, I was also given the opportunity to work summer camps for a dance company. I was so blessed to have been a part of this organization... 2-2-0 always and forever!!"

    -karsen burns

Taytum Carlson
class of 2018
2017-2018 varsity social officer
"I had a wonderful time being a lightning dancer and I actually miss it more than what I ever thought was possible. Lightning dancers not only gave me the opportunity to participate in a school activity, but it also gave me a family. I also had two wonderful directors who taught me valuable life lessons. If it wasn't for my directors, I probably would have never found the confidence to try out for my college dance team. I am so proud of this team and I encourage each member to soak it all in. 220 forever and always!!"
    -Taytum Carlson

Taytum now attends Cisco community college where she has spent the last 2 years dancing for the Cisco college wrangler belles drill team. Taytum serves her drill team as both 1st lieutenant and a social officer. Taytum plans to further her education at the university of north Texas, where she will earn her bachelors degree. she is a secondary education major and hopes to become an English or dance teacher. 

Olivia Byatt

class of 2018

"my time as a lightning dancer was very enjoyable! From my sophomore year to my senior year, I learned how to mature and I learned a few life lessons, as well as improving my dance technique. Over the years, I made so many friends and had such a blast bonding with the other girls on our trips, in class and our team bonding opportunities." 

    - Olivia Byatt 

Olivia now attends Cisco college where she is apart of the Cisco wrangler belles drill team. She will finish her last 2 years of college at Texas Tech University, she plans to major in physical therapy. 

Zayli Day

class of 2018

"drill team was the best four years of my life! I got to meet sisters, have fun, and most importantly, dance my heart out. Drill team gave me a reason to never stop dancing. after I graduated, I knew I had to keep dancing so I went to aunt and became a dance major! my classes consist of ballet, modern, and lots more. I'm also involved with a student led organization called the north Texas emeralds. being part of this organization is so fun and it allows me to dance not only ballet but other fun styles as well."

   -zayli day

More LD Alumni coming soon!!

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