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LDSO: Lightning Dancers Service Organization


We are a chartered not-for-profit organization comprised solely of dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours in pursuit of our mission.

We are always seeking new ways and people to help our cause.


Our Mission

The mission of the Lightning Dancers Service Organization is to provide the best environment and growth experience for our team.

By investing in their futures, infusing good morals and values, and guiding them in teamwork and comradery they will be able to face any challenge head-on and succeed in today's world.

Your Support

We rely heavily on community support and local sponsorship and encourage you to consider sponsoring us or to simply come out and support our fundraisers.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our Board


stephanie smith


Jenn zak

Assistant to President

Daughter is JR. Lieutenant- Kelsey Smith

Daughter is 3rd Year Varsity Veteran- Kara Zak

Rhonda Lane

Vice President

Daughter is JR. Lieutenant- Sophia Lane

Gail long


erin fraser

Michelle cedillo



Craft Show Chair


Daughter is 2nd Year Varsity Veteran- Kate Long

Daughter is 2nd Year Varsity Veteran- Carley Bartholomew

Daughter is 2nd Year Varsity Veteran- Jocelyn Fraser

Daughter is 3rd Year Varsity Veteran- Felicity Cedillo

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